Reflections Unheard is Finished and Available for Screening!

Yes, that’s right-Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights is officially FINISHED, and available to screen near you! Reflections Unheard will be screening Thursday, November 28, at the London Feminist Film Festival! We will be hosting a Q&A with the Director and a panel discussion with Black Feminists UK.

Reflections Unheard has also been accepted into the International African Diaspora Film Festival to screen on December 3rd in NYC! Find out more information about upcoming screenings here. We hope to see you there!

To receive information about ticket availability and future screening details, please be sure to stay connected via the film’s facebook and twitter pages, or request to be added to the email list via our contact form.

Reflections Unheard is not yet available for general purchase on DVD, but it is available for screenings at universities, festivals, theatres, and non-profit organizations. If you would like to invite Reflections Unheard to screen at a location near you, please contact us here.

Special thanks to all of the amazing supporters who have carried this project along, one step at a time. You guys rock!!!

Thank You New Orleans!!!

The Oct. 8 screening was nothing short of AMAZING and I’m so thankful to have been in the presence of such a vibrant group of people from both the Tulane and wider New Orleans community.

The turnout was great, and the number of people who actually attended was twice as large as I expected!

After the screening, we had a very thought-provoking discussion pertaining to the issues presented in the film, and I appreciated the level of audience engagement and participation. Prof. Melissa Harris-Perry also added several great points throughout the Q&A, which enriched the overall conversation.

Meeting and speaking with people in the New Orleans community has definitely set my heart on coming back for future screenings once the film is released next year. Thank you New Orleans!

Please be sure to join us on facebook and twitter for more event photos and updates!

Screening at Tulane University

Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights has recently been invited by Tulane University’s Anna Julia Cooper Project on Race, Gender and Politics in the South, led by MSNBC show host and Professor, Melissa Harris-Perry!

The screening will take place on Monday, October 8 from 7-9pm, and will be followed by a discussion with Professor Harris-Perry and the director, Nev Nnaji. This event is free and open to the public. For more information and updates, please RSVP via facebook here. Save the date!

Just Received a Grant!!

Reflections Unheard:Black Women in Civil Rights has just received a grant for $750 from the Northampton Arts Council! The grant will be going forth to fund post-production and promotion materials for an official screening in Northampton, Massachusetts within the upcoming year.

We’re incredibly grateful for this contribution, as this grant represents a huge milestone in the progress of Reflections Unheard, as well as further encouragement and support to continue the last leg of the (post-production) journey.

As many of you know, this grant will not fund the entire making of Reflections Unheard, and is a partial contribution to the total expenses of the film, which were summarized in last year’s Indiegogo campaign. If you would still like to support the film and see to its fruition, please make a donation via paypal at the top of this post. If you would like to donate via check, please send me an email at Any amount will be greatly appreciated, and will definitely not be forgotten!

Furthermore, I would like to give special thanks to my mentor, award-winning filmmaker Aishah Shahidah Simmons, and my former Professor/documentary filmmaker Geoff Poister-both of whom have wholeheartedly provided their support-as well as the immense online support I’ve received from Shadow and Act, Clutch Mag Online, the Feminist Wire, and the hundreds of individuals who have contributed to the film in various forms. You are all helping to make this a reality, one by one.

Please be sure to stay updated on our facebook and twitter pages, and check back here regularly for more information!

First Screening…A Success!

We just had our first work-in-progress screening of the Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights on April 30, and it was a success! It was so invigorating to see so many people from diverse backgrounds and identities come out to show support and contribute to the lively discussion.

A few hours before the screening, we interviewed Frances Beal, a former SNCC activist who went onto form the Third World Women’s Alliance, one of the largest activist organizations by and for women of color in the 1970s. After the screening, Ms. Beal gave a wonderful presentation about her experience as a SNCC member, and how she came to politically organize around issues that were pertinent to black women and other women of color during the Civil Rights era.

Frances Beal!

It was truly a wonderful event, thanks to our wonderful supporters, as well as sponsorship from the African American and Women’s Studies Departments and the Center for Gender, Sexuality and Activism at Boston University.

Production Phase Almost Complete!

It’s been an amazing and hectic 3 months since the end of our Indiegogo fundraising campaign. We just returned from a brief trip to New York where we filmed several interviews with former black female activists from the Black Panthers, SNCC, Third World Women’s Alliance, and the National Black Feminist Organization.

Running around the city for 8 hours a day with a suitcase full of equipment was challenging, but ultimately we were so thankful to meet such intelligent, passionate women with vivid stories to tell. It was always clear that my questions evoked memories of some of the most powerful moments in their lives.

As of now, there is only one more scheduled interview to film until the production phase is officially over! Until then, we will begin post-production (editing), which will be a new journey in and of itself. Rough cuts of Reflections Unheard are scheduled for screenings on April 30 and again in early May in Boston. Be sure to check back periodically on our facebook and twitter for more updates and details on upcoming events.

If you’d like to continue supporting the film, please make a donation by clicking the button in the post below, and be sure to share the trailer with others. Enjoy the production photos and media from the trip!

Indiegogo Campaign Complete…Thanks to Our Funders!


Phew! The past couple of months have been rigorous but we finally finished our first official fundraising campaign. I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who funded Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights. As shown here, we’ve raised exactly $1,635 via Indiegogo. This amount does not include the generous folks who funded the campaign offline, but all funders are listed below.

Unfortunately we did not meet our goal of $20,000 this time around, but no worries! This is an amazing start to continue the film’s production, and there will be several more opportunities to raise funds via screenings and other creative means as Reflections Unheard progresses. To stay posted, please join us on facebook and twitter.

If you missed the campaign and still want to support the film, you can spread the word on facebook, twitter, your blog, or any other social media outlet. We’re also still accepting donations, so please feel free to contribute via the Paypal button at the top of this post. If you would like to contribute via other means (or if you just want to express yourself), shoot me an email at

Now without further ado, here is the list of our honorable funders:

Aisha Brown
Ciara Gee
Natasha Agee
Bibi Gagnon
Primo Cirrincone
Vernetta Freeney
Richard V. Mitchler
Evia Sharon
Khadijah Hall
Deborah Belle
Patricia Nnaji
Bartholomew Nnaji
Charles Dukes
Breena Clarke
Michelle Alston
Daphne Wilson
Janella McCants
LaTonya Gibbs
Nicole Cedillo
Rich Towle
Nate Matthews
Neal Schelin
Tara Chang
Valerie Dye
Christopher Bradshaw
Beverly Collins
Jacqueline Brown
Tia Jenkins
“Joyous Nerd”
R. Strahan
Brock Satter
“Some Guy”

Also, special thanks to Shadow and Act, Clutch Mag, The Feminist Wire, The Association of Black Women Historians, and all other online publications, blogs, groups and individuals who have supported this project.

Eternal thanks and gratitude to you all!

Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights Indiegogo Campaign Has Launched Successfully!

The Indiegogo campaign for Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights is underway, and we’ve already made over $400 towards the goal in less than 48 hours. THANK YOU to those who have already contributed.

I will list the names of all of my wonderful supports and contributors on this website at the end of the campaign. Please be sure to stay posted via facebook and twitter, and remember to spread the word!

A Change in Plans…Indiegogo!

There has been a minor change in plans. The fundraising campaign for “Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights” will be held at Indiegogo starting October 15, instead of on Kickstarter.

This is an ambitious project, and I want to ensure that ALL donors can receive benefits and rewards for their willingness to contribute to the project, whether or not the initial financial goal is met the first time around. Once the campaign begins, I will be working hard to raise awareness about the film so the fundraising goals can and will be met on time.

I’d also like to send a big THANK YOU to those who have already contributed. I will be contacting each of you individually to receive the perks and rewards that other donors will be receiving from the campaign.

For those who don’t wait to wait until October 15 and would like to contribute now, please feel free to donate here.

For more details, be sure to stay posted on the film’s facebook and twitter. Thanks!